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Annette Newton
Registered Psychotherapist,CIYT 
CRPO Registration #10671

Let's create a plan that enables you to achieve your goals. By providing you with the necessary tools, actively living a more fulfilled, happy life can be a reality.

As a Functional Psychotherapist, I want to partner with you in your own unique self- care. This involves three aspects:a therapeutic relationship, understanding the root causes for your dysfunction and a System Based Approach. Nothing exists in isolation and creating emotional regulation involves a complex system of thoughts/beliefs, biology and social connectiveness. The three realities of life include that of uncertainly, dealing with physical/emotional pain and that living requires constant work. I will assist you to achieve a sense of peace where the days of intense and constant turmoil can be replaced by serene acceptance.

I use an eclectic approach to counselling meaning that I draw on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques and resources available to address your specific needs. These include Cognitive Behavioural,Person Centre, Narrative, Acceptance Commitment, Interpersonal, Emotionally Focused Therapies, Mindfulness and for Trauma (EMDR).

Helping individuals live their best lives drives me. I strive to partner with clients to examine themselves and their unique experiences. I teach skills to regulate emotions while navigating issues and the challenges of life. As nothing exists in isolation in systems biology, my unique background and experience enables me to work with you the whole person.

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