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Annette Newton


Annette Newton

Registered Psychotherapist

I strive to empower and partner with my clients to examine themselves and their unique experiences. I teach skills to regulate emotions while navigating issues and the challenges of life. As nothing exists in isolation in systems biology, my unique background and experience enable me to work with you the whole person.


Endorsed by Psychology Today, member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals and Nationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

My Approach:

CIYT CRPO Registration #10671

  • I will partner with you toward your own unique self–care.

  • I have a unique skill- set that embodies the mind-body connectedness.

  • Let’s deal with the uncertainty, the emotional and physical pain and the work that is necessary to navigate change.

  • Change occurs naturally and because we are human beings we must cultivate awareness of our 87 emotions and the experiences that shape and define our lives. 

  • Learn the skills and gain resources to regulate your nervous system and you will be able to better manage the stressors you hold and have to prevent moving out of your window of tolerance. 

  • I am currently in the one year long Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training Program.  This is a graduate level trauma -informed psychotherapeutic approach developed by Gabor Mate. I am a lifelong learner and grow to enhance therapeutic outcomes. 


Areas of Expertise

Mental Heath and Wellness for Women.

Depression and Anxiety

Navigating Change Through Adolescence

Trauma &​ EMDR

Balancing Parenting Issues and Relationships


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